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Topic: Any advice on locking a .gig drive?

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    Any advice on locking a .gig drive?

    Now that my .gig drive is clean and defrag\'d can anyone suggest an easy and effective way to lock the contents of the drive?

    I have tried setting the main .gig folder, as well as individual .gigs, to \"read only\" but it doesn\'t seem to prevent the files from being moved or deleted.

    Thanks for the help.

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    Re: Any advice on locking a .gig drive?

    GSt won’t move or delete gig files. The Editor will modify them, but won’t move or delete them unasked.

    Defragmenting you disk on a regular basis is part of the game.

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    Re: Any advice on locking a .gig drive?

    Thanks Bill,

    I\'m aware that GSt won\'t move, delete or modify files without some user intervention. I was just wondering if there was a windows setting that would turn one\'s dedicated .gig drive into a read-only device. As I\'m satisfied with my collection of gigs as they are, and my drive is essentially full, I thought it would be cool to lock it.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Any advice on locking a .gig drive?

    Your files should not move on the drive during normal use. They fragment if you add data to a file. You can set the archive bits on your gigs to read only. Many gigs are already set as read only. Files may move during defragging a drive depending on the options you choose. I would recommend Norton\'s Speed Disk over Windows defragger as it gives you much more control on file placement on your drive. For example, you can place you most used files at the beginning of the drives and seldom used files at the end of the drive. The will speed up file access times as the used files are in the same area of the drive. I recommend defragging a drive at least once a week to keep it running in peak condition.

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