Here you can find the link to the six pieces that will make my new mini-album, that will be named "Icaro".

in all the pieces i play my flute, along with several other instruments and, if course, some GPO sounds in every one of them.
i am not at all a skilled flute player (i took lesson for 2 year about 15-20 year ago!!!), so don't expect to hear something magnificient... just a person with a great desire to play music!!
i am at the first "serious" version of the mix, and i think i will let pass almost a week before to listen to them again... meanwhile, if you can give me some advice about the sound, the mix, or every other kind of suggestion, i will be much grateful!!
some of these piece was recorded in the past year, but on this summer i decided to take the sonar bundles and to give them a new and improved (i hope!) life!!
(it is possible that there some digital click here and there... the projects are not yet optimized...)
so, thank you for listening... :-)