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Topic: gpo banks under cubase

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    gpo banks under cubase

    I'm running GPO as a vst instrument under cubase vst, pc. I've got various instruments loaded, and one or two perhaps tweaked just a little. I'd like to save out the whole shooting match (not including samples) so I can load it into another song. But I can't figure out how to do this. Am I missing a menu somewhere? The standard vst "File" menu at the top has a "save bank" item, but that appears to do nothing. At least, it doesn't ask me where to save anything, so if it is saving something, I don't know where or under what name.

    Thanks in advance for any tips.


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    Re: gpo banks under cubase

    I don't think the Kontakt player has implemented the VST bank/instrument save & load functionality in a way that Cubase VST can work with. I think the nearest you will get to what you want is:

    1) if you have full Kontakt, you can create your own multis
    2) set your orchestra up the way you want and save this as a blank Cubase .sng file (eg 'blank orchestra.sng') then load this file up when you want to start a new piece.

    In SONAR, you get a 'save preset' option instead of 'save instrument' and this works well [no use to you though I'd agree]. You could try the save instrument and load instrument in Cubase - but on my set up this just causes a 'cubase needs to close now' error.

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