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Topic: Hard disk performance

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    Hard disk performance


    everybody knows Gigasampler use a hard disk to play samples....what should be the best IDE hard disk to use for Giga?? I\'ve got a Quantum LM 30GB ATA66@7200RPM and when I get to 40 voices, it all starts to click and play with latency, and my computer eventually reboots by itself....


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    Re: Hard disk performance

    There\'s definitely other stuff wrong with your setup. Apart from that the two leading ATA 7200 HDs:
    1. The Western Digital WD1000BB-SE\'s huge, 8-megabyte cache elevates its performance to THE new ATA standard by a large margin.

    2. Those with less esoteric tastes (and wallets) should consider Maxtor\'s DiamondMax Plus D740X.

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    Re: Hard disk performance

    Sounds like MSG32 is causing your puter to crash. It\'s more then your hard drive, check out Software Problems and read what others are saying about Blue screen and auto reboot.

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