As soon as I began working with GPO in Sibelius, I could see that typing in controller information was going to tedious, especially for works the length of operas. So I tried out various macro programs, and for PCs Macro Express 3 is one program that works extremely well.

I created macros to add both dynamic symbols and CC#1 information with single hotkeys. I created text macros like "vlp", so that I can open a text item, type vlp[SPACE] and the macro program deletes "vlp" fills in the proper code (~N41,127), and exits the text box. I plan to create macros for the length controller as well.

I don't know if similar macros would be useful for Finale, or if there are good macro programs available for Macs. But I find that using a macro program makes many tedious tasks almost mindless and instantaneous once you create the macros, which is not difficult.