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Topic: What the??? Totally OT but, Whoa!

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    What the??? Totally OT but, Whoa!

    We were on the Hudson river yesterday morning sailing closer to the New York side just by Greenwich Village, when this sea plane appeared out of nowhere, only 100 yards behind our boat.

    I was not only startled by its beauty but also the impression that is seemed to be landing and I thought it might not clear our mast.

    All I could do was shout, "HOLY S(expletive)T!" and point. After quickly shouting and pointing three times my wife and our friend finally turned around to see what I was freaking out about. It was nearly right on top of us at that moment flying within about twenty to thirty feet over the boat. We were all dumb struck in amazement. It swooped by and rose back into the air heading into the Hudson Bay below Battery Park. For about a half an hour it flew back and forth over the bay. Fire boats, about a mile below us in the bay, were shooting water high into the air. Our friend thought there was an accident and it was a Coast Guard search plane, but we were down wind and I noted that we should be smelling smoke. I suggested it was part of some kind of ceremony. But for what? The plane looked like no Coast Guard plane I've ever seen. And why wasn't it painted white and orange? Our friend disagreed saying there had to be a rescue going on.

    After some time the plane returned back up the river and buzzed us again. This time I had the camera ready! After this pass it landed in the water below Battery Park.

    Later in the day, my wife played detective and found what this event was all about on the web.

    And what a beautiful website>>>See:



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    Re: What the??? Totally OT but, Whoa!

    I hadn't heard anything about this and I'm surprised that there wasn't more general publicity - if for no other reason than many New Yorkers these days are quite skittish about low flying planes. Even little ones. Wish I had known about it though, sounds like quite a sight.

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