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Topic: Gigastudio plays different Tempi

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    Gigastudio plays different Tempi

    Hi everyone!

    I've got a little big problem with my gigastudio. For example: when I play one voice of a song with my gigastudio (and record it at the same time with an wav-Studio) and than play a second voice after that (and record it, too), I realize, that the music on two waves differ in the tempo.

    How can that happen?

    You know, my PC isn't much powerful and I can not play big orchestras at once; so I have to split it into two parts, record it and mix it together in an audiostudio. But I never can do it, when my Song is played with a small tempo-variety every time.

    Is this a problem of my MIDI-Studio (Magix Midi Studio - I know, not very good)? Oder Gigastudio?
    Or my Soundcart (Terratec Phase 28)?



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    Re: Gigastudio plays different Tempi

    Unless you're triggering a drum loop in gigastudio, gigastudio itself has no tempo. That comes from your sequencer. Audio that is recorded as a WAV can also be time/pitch shifted which would seem to cause a tempo change, but again, that's nothign to do with Giga. Odds are it's something in your sequencer/audio recording (it sounds like maybe you're not using a sequencer....??). Does the pitch stay the same and it's really just the tempo that changes??

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    Re: Gigastudio plays different Tempi

    Is changes only the tempo. But not equally. The problem is, that it changes not just to another tempo, it changes to several tempi when it is played! So I can't just timestrech a wav, because there are different tempi in ONE WAV. But you can't really hear the changes, they are too less.

    By the way Magix Studio is a MIDI Sequenzer; and the tempo on the transport-window on screen is always the same and doesn't show any changes.

    It's funny, but when I use Kontaktplayer as sequencer, I haven't the problem.

    I suppose, there is something wrong with the samplerate. In the controlwindow of my soundcart I can push a button "Samplerate locked", but it doesn't help. Maybe I have to change some pieces in the setupmenu of the sequencer. But what? Any ideas?

    merci for the last reply

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    Re: Gigastudio plays different Tempi

    I doubt that I can solve YOUR problem- but, I have run into a similar thing, using Sonar. I was recording a project and at the moment, had a mix of midi and wav tracks when the playback would unexpectedly change tempo.

    I finally found that my problem was, that within the settings for Sonar it allows you to move a slider to reduce the latency to smallest possible value.
    I had reduced it to the minimum and later found out I could avoid the playback problem by setting it just a bit higher. My computer just wasn't powerful enough (I suppose) to handle the fastest.

    Anyway, though that probably isn't your problem, it shows me that that kind of problem can happen.

    Good luck

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