One of the tracks in my current project uses Solo Flute NV, the X-Custom version (as I recorded it with a wind controller). There's an intermittent clicking in the track -- but its positions change depending on where I start playback from. If I start from the beginning, it always occurs at 00:00:27:27 and subsequent points; if I start from 00:00:16:08, it always occurs at 00:00:17:16 and only at that spot; if I start from 00:00:18:05, it occurs twice but very faintly, and so on -- but it always occurs at the beginning of a note, not in the middle of one or during rests.

Here's what the waveform looks like when I bounce to a track:

The top waveform shows the click at the beginning of the flute note; the bottom one is zoomed in on just the click itself; it's definitely not white noise.

If I delete the breath control data (CC2) from the clicking note itself, the click still happens. If I delete the data from the note preceding it (it goes down to zero as each tongued note ends), the bad note stops clicking -- but other notes before the area in question start clicking!

My CPU's not heavily loaded (20% or under) when it happens. I've tried deleting all my effects. I've tried deleting all the other tracks, and removing every other instrument from GPO except the flute. No effect.

I've tried exporting to MIDI and reimporting; the same thing happens. BUT, if I set up a GPO Studio and play the MIDI file to it using WinAmp, I don't get the clicking. So SONAR must figure into it somehow.

Yet if I change to Flute Solo V or Flute Solo KS, there's no clicking. (But it doesn't sound exactly the same as Flute Solo NV, which has a more even attack to my ears.) And here's another part of the puzzle: Under the V or KS flutes, I discovered that the notes immediately following the clicking ones had very low velocities, something which wasn't apparent under NV.

So... what's causing this clicking, and is there a way to make it stop?

I'm using SONAR 4.0.3.