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Topic: Memories of Indianapolis (Chiggers!)

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    Memories of Indianapolis (Chiggers!)

    This is the second part of "Arachnids & Things" to be completed. It's final position in the suite has not yet been established. In the attached mp3, I took some pains to achievea realistic performance. The mp3 was made using GPO, Sonar, and my Fatar controller keyboard. The score is Sibelius.

    I had intended to to some cross staff beaming, but can't figure it out, but when I do, I will upload a new score,

    A Jigger of Chiggers (to look)

    A Jigger of Chiggers (to listen)

    Any one who has survived the Indianapolis Experience will understand why an encounter with chiggers is such a memorable event. My only encounter with the creatures was summer of 1961, the memory is as clear as if it were this morning.

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    Re: Memories of Indianapolis (Chiggers!)

    This is an exceptional piece. I have listened to it several times and marvel at how well it portrays what you're aiming for and what a well written composition it is. I played it for my girl friend (who is an arachnaphobe) and she proclaimed "that's chiggers alright". Well done.
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    Re: Memories of Indianapolis (Chiggers!)

    Hi Richard

    I agree with Bill, this is exceptional. I could feel the tension building up. It is marvelous and I really think your titles are too cute.

    BTW, I found the reason for Sib scores not loading. Sibelius released a new version of scorch and all scores subsequently uploaded didn't load unless you had the new version installed. Odd....

    Anyway, congratulations on another fine piece, that's now also living on my iPod .

    Kind Regards


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    Re: Memories of Indianapolis (Chiggers!)

    Very Cool!

    I like the polyryhtmic feel that you get by pitting the triplets in one hand against the straight time in the other.

    I can almost feel the mites as I listen!


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    Re: Memories of Indianapolis (Chiggers!)

    I must admit, this is usually not the kind of music I listen to, but I've been listening to this one for a while, and I really enjoy it. I can't even really place my finger on what it is. But it's great! A great variety of piano textures, and it never gets boring. I just keep listening.
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    Re: Memories of Indianapolis (Chiggers!)

    Despite the subject (not fond of chiggers, myself), this is a fascinating piece, Richard... well done! Every time I hear a new piece of yours, I believe I grow more immersed in your style, and my pleasure appreciates accordingly.

    Now if I can just stop scratching long enough to listen to it one more time...


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