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Topic: How do you/Do you Equalize strings sections?

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    How do you/Do you Equalize strings sections?

    I know there may be no straight answer for all cases but I was wondering if equalization of Strings (Violin, Viola and Cello) in a standard orchestral arrangement is advisable. GPO strings sound very natural, on one hand I lean towards keeping the original instrument sound as far as possible, on the other hand some EQ adjustment needs to be done to prevent masking effects or muddy situations on the fundamental ranges. On top of that using reverbs such as Ambience changes the overall sound of the instrument which might require certain EQ tweaks to make it work. I do some EQ on these three instruments especially on violins and viola cutting a bit of 300 - 800 HZ but nothing major.
    So what is your opinion about this?

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    Re: How do you/Do you Equalize strings sections?

    Wow, in a recording there is a lot to consider when equalizing any instrument! What type of system you are using, the effects, monitors, room acoustic, and your ear making the final decisions.
    I don't think there is one solid recipe for equalizing but then again ...
    I usually through the conductor out.

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    Re: How do you/Do you Equalize strings sections?

    I'm no expert with GPO but, in general assuming I have good sounds, I use EQ on instruments to create room for other instruments. Sometimes 2 instruments will compete for the same sonic space I will use EQ to make the instruments sound more different from each other, allowing one to "cut"through the other. panning can also help a lot. saxes and violas and organ can make a mess of your midrange some panning and brightenig one and warming an other may create room

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