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Topic: What happened to...

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    What happened to...

    ...the development of the Kirk Hunter concert series libraries, the announcements for new demos?

    The site kirkhunter.com with its forum does not seem to exist any longer; instead it is linked to kirkhunterstudios.com.
    On Kirk’s site the Concert Series is not mentioned anymore; instead, new products area announced. I remember promises of demos for the various libraries, Kontakt versions, a possible further development for the GS3 platform, etc.
    On Truespec Kirk’s concert series are not mentioned either, so what’s up?

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    Re: What happened to...

    I have just received the woodwinds from Kirk, They are outstanding!
    I hear what you are saying about the confusion, at the site...
    Kirk seems to be handling the distribution, on his own...instead of the former dude.......P.A.
    Without a judgement call.
    I will say that Kirk Hunter is one passionate individual.....His attention to detail is impecable.
    He says percussion is coming soon......which will complete his jugernaut of some VERY solid Orchestra samples.

    Let your ears be the judge.
    Peace out..........

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    Re: What happened to...

    I went to the website recently and it seems that there's a new product called Virtuoso strings 2 that is on it's way..not sure if it's a scaled down version of the new Concert series...



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    Re: What happened to...

    Hi Guys and Gals.

    Thanks for the questions. It means you might actually care. (just kidding)

    Anyway, if you have any questions, please feel free to email me directly at MuzkGuy@aol.com

    I'm happy to answer whatever questions I can.

    Thanks again,
    Kirk Hunter

    P.S. Hey Gregg, glad you like the woodwinds.

    To make sure that things are clear to everyone, I must point out that Gregg purchased the woodwinds awhile back through Peter Alexander. I simply sent him the disks since he had not yet received them. My loyalty with regard to sales of Concert Series is still with Mr. Alexander. I do not distribute Concert Series. The folks at Truspec are great, and I'm sure that once a few things are ironed out, they'll be selling again. Actually, they could technically be selling now, but I leave those kinds of decisions up to them.

    I am indeed working on a new project. It's a different set of samples than Concert Series and not nearly as "big" in disksize, but has just as "big" a sound. (Although, I'm also doing a new chamber strings library as well.) You can check out (download for free) a single velocity layer of full symphonic strings at http://www.kirkhunterstudios.com/downloads.html

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