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Topic: OT: Chris Julian found alive

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    OT: Chris Julian found alive

    Anyone know this guy?? Sounds like he had a crispy....



    MSNBC News Services
    Updated: 1:31 a.m. ET Aug. 27, 2005

    LOS ANGELES - The nearly weeklong search for a Grammy-nominated producer ended Friday after a resident spotted the man sitting naked in a backyard creek, washing his jeans.

    The Topanga Canyon resident found a distraught Christian Julian Irwin saying he feared he was being pursued by Nigerians who had contacted him in an Internet scam, sheriff’s Capt. Ray Peavy said.

    Peavy said there was no evidence anyone was actually pursuing the 48-year-old producer, who has worked with Carly Simon and David Bowie, among others.

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    Re: OT: Chris Julian found alive

    Wow....good to know that they found him though....

    I saw his "Missing Person" poster up at a restaurant yesterday in Calabasas (sheez is it hot there now!), and it sounded like some bizarre X-Files episode or something....quite weird, but I'm glad he's home now.

    Maybe he can get some help.


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    Re: OT: Chris Julian found alive

    I did quite a bit of work in his NYC studio Calliope in 1985/6. He engineered all the sessions and was a nice fellow. Very driven.
    Wasn't sure if it was him at first from the picture...but it is.

    I remember him as a talented, cool, very hard-working guy.


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    Re: OT: Chris Julian found alive

    I'm glad he's okay too, because these stories don't usually have happy endings.

    What I don't understand is the Nigerian scam. Why did he *get* a check for $50,000?

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