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Topic: Kompakt Instruments memory usage

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    Kompakt Instruments memory usage

    Is there a good way to make Kompakt Instruments use less memory and still play well. I have EWQL Gold and Virtual Grand Piano which are Kompakt VSTi's and they both use alot of memory. If I load the VGP without even loading a sample it takes up about 70 megs. Then when I load one of the presets the memory usage swells to almost 400 megs. Well this is fine for one instrument but what if you want to use GOLD and VGP at the same time? I only have 1 gig of ram so it's an issue right now. Also if these things use the disk streaming why does it have to load so much into ram?

    I'm comparing this to GigaStudio which seems to be alot easier on the memory load. I loaded up GS with 3 instruments and one of them being the Gigapiano and it's only using about 90 mb (16 for GS and 74 for msg32).

    Just seems like the Kompakt instuments take way too much memory to accomplish the same thing Gigastudio does. And this is version 2.54 of GS.

    Is GS still just that far ahead of NI technology wise?

    I like the NI Kompakt Instruments in that it doesn't require a sampler to play and can be used as plugins. It's just they are hard on the memory use.
    Of course once I get a 64 bit machine with 16-32 gigs of ram I probably won't care anymore.


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    Re: Kompakt Instruments memory usage

    IIRC gigastudio can use the smallest of buffer per sample compared to the other samplers out there because it runs at the kernel level - hence less ram required

    I note you use several vsti's - you could always upgrade to Konkakt 2 & run them all at the same time from within that sampler & save yourself some ram there.

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    Re: Kompakt Instruments memory usage

    Both Kompakt + K2 have a lot of DFD options. You have to do a little fiddling to find out which is best for your system.
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    Re: Kompakt Instruments memory usage

    I've fiddled with the DFD settings a bit but the memory usage is always much higher than Gigastudio. The problem is if I set the buffers to a low enough figure to conserve memory the sound starts to pop and studder which of course is unacceptable. I love how with Gigastudio I can play the Gigapiano with the sustain pedal held down endlessly with no studder or pops. I tried that with VGP and it works for awhile until no sound comes out without lifting off the sustain pedal. I realize you wouldn't do this normally it's just my stress test.

    I would upgrade to GS3 but the market seems to be moving toward the Kompakt Instruments as they can provide copy protection which I don't believe GS can.

    Oh well my next machine will have 16-32 gigs of ram so it won't be as much of a problem.


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