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Topic: ram question

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    Question ram question

    I have been learning GPO for 2 months. I seem to be having a memory problem (issue). How much ram memory does GPO need to load multiple instruments (21 right now) for midi performance. I am using an AMD Athlin 64 +3400 CPU with 1 gigabyte of ram. I have loaded instruments for a full orchestra (that is 2 flutes, 2 oboes, 2 clarinets, 2 bassoons, 2 horns, 2 trumpets 2 trombones, tuba, timpani, bass drum, 2 solo violins KS, 2 violin sections KS, viola, viola section, cello, cello section, solo bass, bass section). The parts are all dry because I removed all other folders. I have updated to the latest version as of July 2005.

    When I check my ram usage in task manager, it show .98 gigs used when running Tracktion 2. Some of the string voices don't play though mod wheel is set and velocity is there. If I reload an instrument that doesn't sound, it sometimes will play and sometimes is still silent. I have the instruments loaded as separate sections in racks i.e. woodwinds in one instance of GPO, Brass in another, percussion in a third, Hi Strings in a 4th and Lo Strings in a 5th. I then have each midi line connected to a plug in for the particular rack associated with that instrument.

    I hope I have given you enough info. I am frustrated when I get down to setting mod wheel crescendos and decrescendos, velocity attacks, and keyswitch notes only to have an instrument not sound. It seems I spend more time trying to get an instrument to play then tweak my music.

    I would love to show you what I am doing, but I can't get it finished to the point I here in all the great demos in this forum. Am I missing something? Do you need 2 gigs of ram memory to get this to work? Can anyone help!



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    Re: ram question

    Did you try run GPO Direct From Disk? It might work if your HDD isn't old and slow.

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    Re: ram question

    I haven't tried that yet. The drive it is on is a fairly new 200 gig HD running on an RAID(ATA133). I just thought that direct from memory was better than direct from hard drive.

    Thanks for the comment.


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    Re: ram question

    This doesn't seem like a RAM problem to me. I can get a similiar orchestra loaded up and working in Sonar just fine with my 1 gig/P4 1.8ghz.

    Disk streaming is really only for people bound by something like 256 mb RAM or somethingl like that. Not recomended by Gary or Tom. This sounds like a software issue to me. I am not familiar with Tracktion 2, so maybe a Tracktion user could be of more help.


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    Re: ram question

    It seems that Tracktion 2 loads allit's files into ram, that includes any .wav files. I noticed that if I removed the .wav files and all extra tracks that had little or nothing in them, that my ram usage went from 1.28 gig to 800 + MHz usage (can't remember the exact amount right now, am on a different computer). I'm still waiting response from Mackie on this question of memory hogging. I'm not going to try DFD just yet. After reading the stern warnings on the GPO download page, I think I'll exhaust every other way first (including adding another gig of RAM memory).

    Thanks for all the help.
    And if there are any other Tracktion 2 users, I would certainly like to find out if you are experiencing and memory issues.


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