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Topic: Let's try this again... :P

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    Let's try this again... :P

    Well, I’m back again. I had to leave town again as yet another family member has fallen ill. While I was there. (in Houston), I had some nice root canal work and other fun stuff. Actually, mom and I caught the Lord of the Rings exhibit at the Science Museum of Houston which was really cool.

    Anyhoo, I missed Gary’s birthday which bummed me out (Happy 29th birthday Gary) , and I missed everyone a lot. Hopefully, I am now situated (knock on wood).

    BTW, on the Garritan Map, I notice that Craig Reeves lives in the Kilgore that is the one closest to me (There are 2 in Texas) – not the one I figured which is up near Dallas. I can’t believe I live so close to the Maestro! (CR, if you read this – I want to hook up and take you to dinner).

    Has everyone been behaving? I hope not.

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    Re: Let's try this again... :P

    It's great to hear from you again! I was wondering where you might be. I hope your family is doing well. Great to see you back.
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    Re: Let's try this again... :P

    Well, well, well ... if it isn't me 'ol friend B2112! Sorry to hear about illness in you family and pray everything will be OK soon!
    A root canal, eh? Hope the dentist was smart enough to rinse your mouth out with canal water! (I know, sick...)
    Anywhotheheckisthisguy, nice to see your back. Now turn around so we can see ya all!

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    Re: Let's try this again... :P

    Quote Originally Posted by Styxx
    Hope the dentist was smart enough to rinse your mouth out with canal water! (I know, sick...)
    Maybe Brian drank too much... root beer.

    Best wishes for the health of all concerned!


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