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Topic: Prominy can't be for me?

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    Prominy can't be for me?

    My DAW happens to be a PC running XP with Kontakt2 as my Sampler. But I'm really interested in picking up LPC CLean guitar by Prominy ... except .. I have no interest in having to buy Gigastudio just to run it ... am I missing something? Or am I just SOL in this case? Why would they only release it in one format? Don't they like money? I like money. I would release it in as many formats as possible.

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    Re: Prominy can't be for me?

    Not sure about the GS 3 version but LPC also comes with a GS 2 version which can be imported into Kontakt 2. Don’t know about the quality of the conversion though.


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    Re: Prominy can't be for me?

    The LPC takes advantage of some of the latest GS3 features, like stacked instruments and real time legato slides, which won't directly translate into K2 format. It does come with a GS2 version, which you can import into Kontakt and use now, and Prominy has mentioned that they're researching porting the library to K2 format and using the scripting engine for the advanced features.

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