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Topic: Miroslav Philharmonik & Logic

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    Question Miroslav Philharmonik & Logic

    I received MP yesterday and it really sounds good.
    I'd however like to know how I could set one MP instance up and accees it from several tracks in Logic Pro 7.1:
    When I change the Midi Channel on one of these tracks, all of these get changed and it's not convenient.
    Any trick someone ?

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    Re: Miroslav Philharmonik & Logic

    its probably the same as with all multipart instruments in Logic.
    You need to set up a multiinstrument in your audio environment and draw a cable between that and the channel in which you inserted MP.
    Answer the popup with yes!
    Then you need to set the Midi Channel of the MP Instumentchannel to ALL
    and activate as many parts in the multiinstrument as you need. (up to 16)
    Then you select those multiinstrument channels in your arrangewindow and voila-you can access the parts in your MP instance from seperate tracks!

    At least this is how it works with Stylus RMX but it should be similiar with any other instrument.

    Hope that helps


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    Re: Miroslav Philharmonik & Logic

    Quote Originally Posted by Hans Scheffler
    Hope that helps
    It did. Thanks!

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