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Topic: Cubase/Delta 66/ Gigastudio

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    Cubase/Delta 66/ Gigastudio

    I am looking for the best configuration for recording Gigastudio sounds directly into a Cubase song. I\'m not sure of the coorrect routing within the Delta 66 mixer. I have done this successfully by accident, but have
    trouble replicating it. I do have the Multiclient driver installed.

    When I do get Cubase to record, the volume of the Gigastudio samples are much lower than the hardware keyboards etc.

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    Re: Cubase/Delta 66/ Gigastudio

    I have the same setup. Here\'s what worked
    for me:
    1)make sure monitor mixer input is activated
    2)set sequencer application priority to 8
    (i got pops and clicks on setting 1)
    3)select whatever output isn\'t used by
    cubase master out: if 1/2 is master out
    make giga output 3/4 or 5/6
    4)select monitor mixer input in track inspector, and set to stereo

    good luck--on win2k beta giga thinks my pentium 4 is a pentium 3 and crashes often.
    98se works really well though.

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