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Topic: What do you use GPO for?

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    Question What do you use GPO for?

    Hey, every1

    So what do you use GPO for?


    Actually, mostly--if not entirely--learning.

    I like to hear what I write. When I hear it I have a better idea on how to improve on it--a much better idea than what GM had to offer. From that I learn from my mistakes about orchestration.
    Then I take works by the masters and rewrite them for different enseambles. I learn a lot about different colors and such. Then I listen to the Mozart Symphony #25 and then do a GPO of it and as I do it I find out how Mozart made that one sound I liked. Ahh!! I see!! It's all in the harmonies!! But if I change them to be like this...ooh!! I like that sound!!!

    That sorta stuff.

    So what do you use GPO for?


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    Re: What do you use GPO for?

    Actually I use if for the same basic thing. I can hear my compositions in my head, but I can't get them into a sound I can share with others without some help. And it has been rather vital in my study of orchestration. Nothing can beat the ability to hear what your ideas sound like within seconds. It's bliss! In fact, I'd say I owe my entire interest in composing to the technology we have available to us today.
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    Re: What do you use GPO for?

    When I first got GPO, I did lots of midi renditions of some classics, Mahler 4, Shostakovich 10, Mozart Clarinet Concerto, Die Meistersinger Overture , Lark Ascending and so on.
    I found it fascinating to just hear the strings,or listen to the french horn spacings,or just the bassoons and violas,etc,etc,.
    I found answers to questions,I had often pondered.It made me feel like Prince Esterhazy having a private orchestra hanging around the castle.I loved the chance to get under the hood of these pieces and tinker with the engine.It has totally re-awakened my interest in the art of orchestration.

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    Re: What do you use GPO for?

    I first used GPO with the youth theatre in rehearsals and small performances. It gave the cast a feel for what to expect when on stage with a live orchestra. When budget was cut and we could no longer hire real musicians (which was very disturbing) GPO was used to orchestrate the musicals. YEAH YEAH Don't worry we paid all the rights and royalties!
    Now, I use GPO for various projects either of my own or hired. Just finished Annie for a local theatre which will use along with live musicians. This I have to hear!
    But, my initial intentions were to compose my own music and strive for some sort of recognition. Some things never change. I've kept a realisticism upon reevaluation of my abilities and thus no longer compose. I have fun using GPO's great versatility in other music projects. Can't wait for GPOA, solo strad, and JABB!
    That's all the gum in the machine!

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    Re: What do you use GPO for?


    I write arrangements for my high school band to play. I use GPO to play much of it so I can see if things are scored correctly. I am looking forward to the releases of JABB and GPOA, and plan to make recordings of the pieces I arrange for students to practice with.

    I wish I had some students like you at my school!


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    Re: What do you use GPO for?

    Another Seasider - amazing! (I know my handle shows Monterey, but who knows about Seaside beside Sand City? ) C'mon by the gig at the Monterey Beach Hotel - oh, excuse me, the Beach Resort Monterey... Every Thur-Fri-Sat 6:30-10:30.

    I use it right now mainly for the piano, in my laptop it's the one that sounds the best on stage. I occasionally use some other part of the orchestra, but I've been recording mostly world fusion grooves, and not using many traditional Western instruments, though even there the Grand Marimba and tubular bells make regular appearances.

    Shortly, though, that album will be put to bed and hopefully that will coincide with the release of the Solo Violin and JABB!
    It's all about the music - really. I keep telling myself that...

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    Re: What do you use GPO for?

    Quote Originally Posted by cptexas
    Hey, every1
    So what do you use GPO for?
    This could get interesting<G>!

    I started using it as just another pallete to hear things I had composed. It was so much simpler than GigaStudio it was a no-brainer! I do the majority of my composition work on manuscript paper, or in Finale, and in both cases it was not so easy to actually hear what you had written, you had to trust the ears in your brain.

    Then I discovered that with a minimal amount of work I could create very respectable mock-ups of my work. I wrote music for a production of "The Tempest" this summer, and I used GPO to generate mockups for the musicians.

    (Actually, I got a bit carried away at one point, and a couple of the mock-ups are nearly ready for other purposes!)

    Now I am using GPO to build my demo reel, which means that I need to go beyond the mock-up stage. It isn't trivial, but it really hasn't been a whole lot of work either. Not nearly what I expected (or what I've experienced in the past!)

    If my demo reel helps me get work I'll move on to the next stage, and use GPO to create soundtracks, underscores, music for advertising or point-of-presence marketing, or whatever. I have completel faith that it is up to the task!

    I'm not tossing out any other libraries just yet, but I have really trimmed down my GigaStudio system to perhaps half a dozen libraries I still use:
    Scarbee Fingered and Slap Basses
    Larry Seyer Acoustic Bass
    Presonus Orchestra (my first big library, and it still comes in handy)
    Quantum Leap Horns (JABB may make this obsolete, may not!)

    And of course I have my entire EPS/ASR and S900/1000 libraries to translate (I've translated quite a bit of the Ensoniq stuff, and am really happy with the results!) And a bunch of PD stuff that is a lot better than it ought to be.

    Much to my surprise, GPO quite handily replaced everything else. Well, I do use Toontracks DFH Superior for drums and percussion, but GPO wasn't headed in that direction. I will be very interested to see if DFH Superior and the Scarbee and Seyer basses get retired after the release of JABB!

    And I am, I'm afraid, holding off on purchasing the GOS library until GPOA comes out. I've used GOS at a friends studio, and while he got much better results than I did, I was astounded at how well I did! I find it hard to imagine that GOS will be completely supplanted by GPOA, but hey, I didn't suspect that GPO could do what it does!

    Phew, too much coffee, too early! What was the question?

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    Re: What do you use GPO for?

    I'm a composer in instrumental music, basically my prefered genres are smooth jazz, contemporary instrumental and alternative. I find GPO an excellent resource to merge authentic orchestral instrumentation in modern music. I think this is a great combination I enjoy very much. I am very satisfied with GPO, the sounds fits almost everything I write.

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    Re: What do you use GPO for?

    I use GPO just for the sheer pleasure of hearing my compositions 'performed' by an orchestra - a lifelong ambition, and I get to conduct too (when nobody is around)

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    Re: What do you use GPO for?

    Music is a pastime for me, and GPO and all the things around it is the tool that helps to pass the time in a pleasant way.
    In my younger years I was active in music, not as a pro but as an amateur. I sang as a bariton in a mixed choir, gregorian in a scola cantorum, I played the piano, visited concerts, etcetera. I had some musical education, practical and theoretical but never with the intention to become a professional.
    After more then 30 years inactivity in the musical field, some years ago I took up the thread again. I am retired now, the children left the house and I have plenty of time to study MIDI, GPO, Overture and so on. I must admit that GPO is the major drive for me. Being able to create sounds close to the sound of the real instruments, wow, for me that's like magic.

    Well Chris, that's where I use GPO for.


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