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Topic: New big drive from IBM

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    New big drive from IBM

    Looking for a new big ATA drive? I just read that IBM has announced a new drive, the GXP120, a harddisc with 120GB capacity, rotating at 7200RPM. For more info, go to this URL: http://www.vr-zone.com/#1862

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    Re: New big drive from IBM

    What with the class action lawsuit against IBM for their hard drives, I\'m surprised anyone would even consider using one for important data like audio.

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    Re: New big drive from IBM

    I know.
    There seem to be many faulty GXP75 drives around. I have an IBM GXP75 drive; the first one I ordered did not work, but the second one did work, and I never had any problems with it -THUSFAR, I should say. The thing is, IBM produces the fastest ATA drives at the moment. And for any comment about the new 120GXP it is still too soon.
    Besides, which other drives remain? Western Digital seems to have produced a couple of problems with their drives also, according to what I read on this forum. Maxtor has a couple of nice big drives, yet they have a rotational speed of 5400RPM, making them a lot slower than their IBM counterparts.
    Perhaps SCSI is the way to go then?

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    Re: New big drive from IBM

    Maxtor has several great drives with 7200 RPM speeds, an average seek times of less than <9ms and an ATA100 interface.

    They are the DiamondMax-Plus series. I have two of the 60 GB drives in my GigaStudio machine and they seem to work quite well.

    Check them out at:

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    Re: New big drive from IBM

    The two leading ATA 7200 HDs:

    1. The Western Digital WD1000BB-SE\'s huge, 8-megabyte cache elevates its performance to THE new ATA standard by a large margin.

    2. Those with less esoteric tastes (and wallets) should consider Maxtor\'s DiamondMax Plus D740X.

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    Re: New big drive from IBM

    What performance figures are there (officially) for using the new Western Digital drive for gigasampler usage?
    It seems to me that an 8meg cache isn\'t a huge amount when it comes to trying to suck audio sound of a hard-drive. Do we really re-use data that often? I\'m not convinced? But I\'d be willing to be corrected!

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