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Topic: Kawai MP-8

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    Kawai MP-8

    Is this the successor of MP-9500? I don't understand german.


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    Re: Kawai MP-8

    That's what it says. After I edited lang and pid in the url as follows:



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    Re: Kawai MP-8

    Somebody try it ?

    I'm wondering if the keyboard (AWA action) has been improved again compared to the MP9500, or if only the electronic is new...

    I'm dreaming that one day I will have the money and the muscle to afford this.


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    Re: Kawai MP-8

    mmmm...looks lovely :-)

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    Re: Kawai MP-8

    I'm just wondering if/when it will be availale in the US....

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    Re: Kawai MP-8

    US Avail? Kawai US is being very quiet about this. Haven't been given a response yet despite several inquiries. I have a cousin in Japan that's in the biz and was intent on tapping his assistance on this. From what I understand, this is the successor to the MP4 *but* with a return of the improved/wooden key action of the MP9500. Sign me up.

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