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Topic: Breath Controler-GigaStudio

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    Breath Controler-GigaStudio

    I use GigaStudio for Sequencing, but unfortunately I am not such a good keyboard player and my music is (also unfortunately :-) rather complicated. So I would like to purchase a wind controler - I am a sax player. Id did try the Yamaha WX but I do not like it. Now I want to try a Synthophone (3500.-$ :-(. If some of you have experience with this or with any other wind controlers in combination with GS, I would highly appreciate any feedback.
    Thank you http://www.iwanroth-sax.com

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    Re: Breath Controler-GigaStudio

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    Re: Breath Controler-GigaStudio

    Thank you Lhong!
    I did download the software. I did not try it now, but if it really do works, I would like to send you a few bootles of good spanish wine, to have saved me 3400.-$! I will let you now.
    Thanks again http://www.iwanroth-sax.com

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    Re: Breath Controler-GigaStudio

    It was to good to work! I did try sound2Midi but it is not not any good for wath I want to do. You play and hear your instrument sound while entering midi; I want to hear the played midi sound and the allready recorded tracks, so I am afraid this is not the solution.

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    Re: Breath Controler-GigaStudio

    if you really want to enjoy playing winds and brasses with a midi wind contoller, I don\'t recommend any sampler for that.

    check out YAMAHA VL70-m. Sound cannot be perfect as a sampled sax..but believe me sampled sax do not know what control means if they see how a vl70-m works.

    Use gigastudio for everything else though, it\'s the best.

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