I'm having a problem converting REX 2 files into RMX (via the SAGE converter) that I haven't encountered before.

I'm recycling a 4 bar staccato piano phrase, to import into RMX.

After I import the REX file using SAGE, I open up RMX, and the Suite is there (under "Converted REX files"), but there is no loop in the "Elements" window.

Looking at the SAGE folder from within OSX's finder menu, I see all my previous REX files (in the "Converted REX" folder), have a folder with the name of the loop, and in that folder, a file called "Audio". Along with those folders is a file called "data XML"

In my newly created suite called "piano", there is no "Audio" file, just the "data"XML" file.

I'm racking my brain trying to see if I'm missing the obvious, because I know there can be problems if things aren't imported properly. It's just that I've done this many, many, many times before, with no trouble at all.

What am I missing, or what's causing this?

Thanks in advance...