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Topic: Loss of Boot Sequence

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    Loss of Boot Sequence

    Does anyone know the cause and the cure for the following problem?

    My main computer loses its boots sequence whenever I install new hardware (Iike a video card) or whenever a software failure requires me to reboot the computer.

    For example, if my sequencer freezes or if Gigastudio doesn't load something properly, I'll either reboot the computer or hit the reset button if I cannot shut it down. At this point, it takes longer to boot up because the boot sequence in the BIOS changes and it does not automatically seek the hard drive that has the OS on it. Normally I set the boot sequence so that when the computer starts it goes to the C: drive where W2k resides. But if I have some failure or if I remove a video card and then put a new one in its place, I need to go into the BIOS and set the boot priority again.

    Aside from this occasional glitch, the computer is pretty stable.

    Anyone know what is causing this?

    Pentium 4, 2.8 gHz, Intel D845 EBG2 mobo, W2k, 2 gigs of Ram, Gina 24, Gigastudio (2.5) and Cakewalk Home Studio, three Seagate Barricuda drives.


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    Re: Loss of Boot Sequence

    Sounds like it could be the CMOS battery. But I'd think you'd be losing other settings (clock, etc), too.

    - Stefan

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    Re: Loss of Boot Sequence


    I thought about this, but I had a CMOS battery go on another computer and it was acting a lot differently with a lot more problems.

    Perhaps I'll replace it and see what happens.



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    Re: Loss of Boot Sequence


    You're probably aware that when Windows does not shut down normally the next time it boots it performs various disk checks and in some instances offers various boot alternatives: safe mode, safe mode with command prompt, normal reboot, etc.

    I am assuming that something else is going on but on the slim chance that this is the situation I felt I should mention it even though I expect that you are well aware of that sort of behavior.

    I hope that sentence wasn't too confusing.

    Good luck and best wishes


    [update: I missed the bit about a change in video card causing the same problem when I read your post last night. Obviously not the abnormal shutdown repair response.]

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    Re: Loss of Boot Sequence

    Thanks Chet.

    I switched video cards and this seems to have helped. I haven't had the boot sequence change as it was doing occasionally.


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