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Topic: RMX doesn't see user libraries

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    Question RMX doesn't see user libraries

    I've converted some rex files with the sage application and I've put some chopped guitar and other demos in my spectrasonics>sage>sage libraries>user libraries>converted rex files folder. RMX doesn't see both of them !
    I've tried to put them in the described folder on my system drive which has a spectrasonics folder and on an other drive which contains the RMX folder and the described sub folders. Anybody ?

    Ruud jan

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    Re: RMX doesn't see user libraries

    I believe I know what has happened. You said you put the coverted files in the SAGE folder after converting them? If you designated a folder outside the SAGE folders to drop the converted files first and then moved them there, this procedure will not work. You have to designate the folder within SAGE at the time the conversion takes place to be successful. I know that sounds kind of flakey but I had this problem before and a search turned up the resolution for me. Now I have to make a post with my own set of conversion issues....

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    Re: RMX doesn't see user libraries

    Thank you Brock, I will try this. However I've downloaded some "RMX prepared" files like chopped guitars and they are called rmx prepared right ?
    My RMX doesn't see them Also I've read on the support page of spectrasonics something about that the extension should be .rex2 but when I look at the RMX prepared file it's called audio file.
    Anyone ?

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    Re: RMX doesn't see user libraries

    Hi Ruud,

    Someone posted a similar issue titled:

    RMX not recognizing User libraries


    Perhaps the suggestions there will help you.

    Nine Volt Audio

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