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Topic: Help Building New Computer

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    Help Building New Computer

    Ok. Im going to be building a custom built computer but i dont really know what i need for what i am doing.

    My current computer is plenty powerfull but its ment for playing games.. not making music.

    I will be doing all types of music with the computer Hip-Hop, Rock, Techno, Game Music, and possibly movie music. I will be dealing with ALOT of samples, and using a good amount of VSTis but i will also be doing my own recording of instruments (strings, guitars, keyboards, etc)

    I dont want the computer to be like top of the line but i want to be able to do some good work with it.

    I want it to be running WindowsXP. I want it to be dead silent.

    -graphics card?
    -Intel or Athlon?
    -Method of cooling? (silent plz)
    -how much memory? 512x2?
    -whats a good case?

    Now about harddrives. What is the best way to set them up? where should i put samples, where should i put the OS, where should i put projects? where should i put the programs?

    I have a 120 gig exterior USB harddrive should i use that for samples and project saves?

    Cubase will be the main software i will use.

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    Re: Help Building New Computer

    Here is your cooling system:

    You can get it here: http://store.yahoo.com/directron/reserator1plus.html

    Make sure that your mobo and video card have no fans.

    I use a Seasonic Super Silencer power supply. It's extremely quiet. There are also fanless supplies. Today I'd go for the Seasonic S12-430 at 430W or the fanless Silverstone ST30NF, if you want fanless. For the latest look here: http://silentpcreview.com/article28-page6.html

    Make sure that your hard drives use FDBs (fluid drive bearings). You can suspend them in bungee cords or equivalent, if you don't like hearing them seek.

    With a completely fanless system, you will get heat buildup. You can keep it cool by cracking the case open a bit, or by getting a case with lots of unpopulated fan holes.

    I haven't looked closely at the latest mobos for more than a half year, so I won't make any specific recommendations. Just make sure that it will work with whatever CPU heatsink that you choose.

    All the best!


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    Re: Help Building New Computer

    all this computer stuff hurts my brain.

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    Re: Help Building New Computer

    Equipment i already have

    -LTO S-8 channel mixing console.
    -Roland EM-20 Creative Keyboard. which i use as my midi controller.

    So lets just start with which sound card to get.

    What should it be for what im doing?

    I dont want the cheapest and i dont want the expensive... just something mid priced for a home studio.

    Should it be PCI or exterior?

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    Re: Help Building New Computer

    I don't have tome to go into soundcards right now, but if you want "dead silent" make note of my previous post.


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    Re: Help Building New Computer

    i want silent minus the big clunky exterior things...

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    Re: Help Building New Computer

    Ok. Im going to be building a custom built computer but i dont really know what i need for what i am doing

    call a Pro Audio DAW company!


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    Re: Help Building New Computer

    cooling systems...and fans...look to:

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    Re: Help Building New Computer

    Hows this computer for the price? http://www.musicxpc.com/products.htm (looking at the professional S2) - click on the computer picture to get a better description.

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    Re: Help Building New Computer

    out dated and over priced!any consideration of a P4 at this point should be a dual core not a single core
    (note not dual cpu but dual core, 2 cpus glued together in 1 socket)
    the price differance is like $100.

    XPC doesnt sell direct, you have to buy thru a reseller which means there is a good amount of money added for the sales company.


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