Hi all:

Does anyone know (or know of someone who knows) what sort of data comes out the end
of the ribbon cable from an optical midi
pickup for real pianos? -sans the usual expensive \"black-box\" at the other end of it? Some companies - like QRS Pianomation - sell the optical strip only, with a flat ribbon cable sticking out of it - intended to go into one of their expensive midi interface/black-box tone-generators (which I don\'t need & cannot afford).

If it\'s just midi data coming off the end of the ribbon, can a simple $10 \"gender-changer\" adapter-plug to 5-pin midi be put on it, and
run into the midi merge port of a C8 keyboard? (My Peavey C8 has the ability to
add all its \"black box\" features - velocity
curves, zones, layers, channels etc. to a
simple, incoming midi data stream from external contollers). I can even duct-tape
the C8 sustain pedal to the acoustic piano
sustain pedal, so that sustain events are
added to the merged midi stream.

Any ideas or knowledge on this would be greatly appreciated! I don\'t want to pay
$1800 CDN or $3000 CDN for the Gulbransen KS1
& KS20 respectively, as I already have the \"black-box\" in my C8.

N.B. The ultimate \"Giga\" goal here is capturing midi events off a 56\" upright grand (as well as mic-recording its strings to .wav) then, using this midi data off one PC, to slave Giga samples & record those \"Steinway etc.\" .wavs, and, later mix-down all .wavs (real acoustic & Giga) to a stereo .wav file for \"big\" piano sound - bigger at least than the upright alone, and with far more sympathetics than Giga alone.

N.B.-2: Anyone selling a KS-1 or QRS strip used?

Thanks all for your patience & knowledge, -Stories.