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Topic: Tiger Direct.com/ca

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    Angry Tiger Direct.com/ca

    Afternoon guys and gals...

    Just wondered how some of you guys order stuff on line.
    For me I've finally been fortunate to rebuild my gigastudio system from a P3 to an athlon 64 3500+ with 2 gigs of ram.
    So I logged on to tigerdirect.ca and ordered a "bundle" deal through their online store. AN asus AV8 Deluxe and the 3500+ cpu as the bundle seemed like a good deal for $525 Can. With that I ordered 2 gigs of ram... About 3 days later I get my confirmation of my order of the "bundle" as well as the Ram.
    2 working days after that the motherboard and ram show up but no Cpu as they said it "may" ship direct from AMD... Well it's now been 25 working days(not including weekends) and my latest call today, warranted no other information other than a. "Sorry Mr. Reynolds but we've just gone through a software upgrade and we can't tell you where your order is, when it'll ship or if it's been shipped." I ask if I can cancel the order, but they can't because it's in a warehouse somewhere, so they can't cancel it because yad yada yada!!! SO I had the head of the call-center here in Markham Ont. Tell me that they had one in stock at there store! About 2 hours from where I live. He said the best he could do is ship another CPU out that day. Last Fri and you'd get it on Mon... The catch is that they couldn't cancel the first CPU which kind of bothered me. So now I assume that I have 2 CPU's coming. The Call center is closed so I got transfered to Miami Florida where the guys said it could be 7 or more days before it ships. WTF, I think I have been more then patient with these guys and still they can't deliver! I kept reminding the head cheeze there that I ordered a "bundle" deal.
    How can I cancel these orders when Tiger guys can't find there stuff and won't cancel once it's in their warehouse but can't tell me when it will be at my house. I have to say that at this point Tiger has made no attempt to accomodate my needs and has lost me as a customer. Sorry for the negative, but damn man, I have a GS3 piano sitting on a harddrive that can't boot because of crap! Damn what a lovely holiday I've had!!!!
    I know this should be placed else where but just wanted some people to see that the lowest price "shouldn't" always warrant a sale.

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    Re: Tiger Direct.com/ca

    Had some issues with them myself, learned that lesson the hard way when I got parts I didn't order. Luckily they were low cost so I didn't lose much when I chucked them in the garbage. I always go with New Egg now and I've not been dissapointed. And, to be honest, its worth the extra (but I think it may even work out to be cheaper.)

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    Re: Tiger Direct.com/ca

    About 2 years ago I built a computer piece by piece from Tigerdirect's online catalog, I receieved everything I ordered. But I was in the Raleigh store about 6 months ago when a couple came in claiming that they were shorted on the memory in one of Tiger's famous bundled deals. Their argument to the store management fell on deaf ears. I asked the couple in the parking lot if they wrote Tiger's home office. They stated they did and nothing was done about it. I suggested that the contact the credit card company about the dispute or use one of the local TV stations call for actions reporter to help them find a resolution. There is nothing like bad publicity to get a company to straighten up your order.

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    Re: Tiger Direct.com/ca

    I've also been using newegg.com for a few years without any issues. They won't let you order an item unless it is in stock. All orders have arrived at my house within a couple days.

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    Re: Tiger Direct.com/ca

    I bought my last laptop from Tiger Direct and had no problems. I even got the rebate.

    - G

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    Re: Tiger Direct.com/ca

    I had the same problem with a CPU taking 6 weeks for delivery. But on the other hand I have ordered other things which have arrived promptly. Recently I have made the switch to newegg.com and won't look back. They have the fastest delivery and the prices are very good.
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    Re: Tiger Direct.com/ca

    I live 20 miles from their IL office, so I never order from them. It's always a good idea to find a small dealer who sells components. You may pay a little bit more, but if you get the wrong stuff or if it's defective you have less down time. New Egg is usually very good for mail order. So is Page Computer.
    Try to buy local if you can. But if you try Best Buy or CC, you will definitely pay too much. I can't believe how ridiculous their prices are on components.

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    Thumbs down Re: Tiger Direct.com/ca

    New Egg? Never Again!! I live 20 miles from their Industry warehouse and assumed (wrongly) that I'd get one to two day delivery on parts for a shoebox computer. Since they had a good price on an LCD I ordered that too. Well, the barebones computer showed up as expected, but the CPU and memory got shipped from the east coast (thought that stuff was made in China...hmmm) so that took an extra three days, the LCD arrived DOA and had to be returned. Since my client was leaving for a gig in NYC I had to hoof it down to Industry (and waste half a day) to the Manufactuerer to get a replacement. I had to do it that way because New Egg told me it would take over a week to get a replacement through them. If you don't expect timely delivery of working parts they are a great place to do business. If you want to deal with people who can give you a great deal and get components to you in a timely manner I would suggest finding your component from a posting on www.PriceWatch.com. You get the best prices and deal with smaller companies who in my experience have much better customer service and can get things turned around quickly if you have a problem. I had to replace a bad stick of Samsung memory last week and the dealer had it turned around in two days. There is also a feedback area on the postings so you can get a good idea who you're dealing with and how they treat their customers. I do over $200,000 in parts purchases every year and deal with a lot of different companies. I wouldn't ever deal with a Tiger Direct, New Egg or their ilk. Even if you are going to buy from a local dealer you can get an idea of the going price of parts on PriceWatch and give yourself an advantage in negociating prices with them. Check it out...it's a great asset. Cheers, jc

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    Re: Tiger Direct.com/ca

    I've used NewEgg and www.zipzoomfly.com for parts.
    No problems and prompt delivery. FWIW.
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    Re: Tiger Direct.com/ca

    I built this DAW out of parts from Newegg and it's been fine, even the OEM stuff.
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