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Topic: Cubasis VST 4 Whine???

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    Exclamation Cubasis VST 4 Whine???

    Hello, thanks for indulging this newbie post. When I launch Cubasis VST 4, my monitors emit a high pitched whine that only goes away if I choose Options/Audio Setup/Disable Audio. The whine is audible whether I play back or am recording tracks.

    Only Cubasis elicits this problem. Any other application that produces sound runs fine. The core of my small studio is Cubasis, GPO, an AlesisUSB MultiMix8 Mixer connected via USB to my PC and a pair of KRK V6 monitors connected to the main out of the mixer.

    I hope someone can help me troubleshoot or has come across a solution to this problem. If this isn't enough useful intel please let me know. I am not quite desperate but getting there...!

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Cubasis VST 4 Whine???

    Quote Originally Posted by Prince of Music
    Sounds like a feedback loop caused by some sort of software audio monitoring going on. Do you have a mic plugged in? Anyone else help out here?

    Thanks Tom. Only happens when I have audio monitoring enabled in Cubasis, and I dont have to have a mic plugged in. I noticed that Cakewalk HS 9 has no such problem. Could it be a problem with the ASIO drivers? Just a hunch, I dont know enough about MIDI to not know what I dont know if that makes sense.

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    Re: Cubasis VST 4 Whine???

    This thread should really be in the support and technical section - anyway:

    Prince is right - in typical set ups ASIO monitoring should be set to 'disabled' in the AUDIO...SYSTEM settings page in Cubase/Cubasis.

    If Cubasis seems to 'forget' this setting on loading, then load up Cubasis, disable monitoring, then save the song, replacing the existing DEF.ALL song.

    Other products (eg Sonar) assume you don't want to monitor and you have to switch it on purposefully. Cubase/Cubasis assumes you do want to monitor and have to disable it.

    The feedback loop created by having monitoring on can be overcome with careful signal routing via a suitable mixing desk, but that's a topic for another day.

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