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Topic: GPO Piano Demo

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    GPO Piano Demo

    I've always wanted to do this, but other things kept getting in the way. Things like, you know, that four-letter word that's the opposite of fun...yeah, work. Anyway, I was curious to see if I could get the GPO piano to sound like the pianos in those live recital recordings. Lots of presence, but still with a hint of the fact that it was being played in a really large space. Minus the sounds of people coughing, wheezing, dropping stuff on the floor, etc. The following two pieces were played live into Sonar using a Yamaha P-90 as a MIDI controller. Reverb is the Manchester Apollo performance hall space from the Waves IR-1 library. Miscellaneous mastering touches were done with the Izotope Ozone plugin. And the GPO piano, of course...


    Caveat Emptor - Since I had to sight read these pieces, they don't flow as well as I'd like them to. I really envy those people who can sight read a measure or more ahead of time. I'm lucky to get 5 notes ahead before the ol' buffer gets full.

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    Sounds fantastic really!!!
    I enjoy it a lot, what a great performance!!!
    Bach is my preferred and you make it sounds wonderfully, but also the prelude sounds incredible!!!!
    Only my congratulations, man!!!

    Best to you,

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    Re: GPO Piano Demo

    Well done Easy Rhino,superb sound you coaxed from the GPO Steinway.(Something I still have'nt managed yet.)The Bach is wonderful,I love Bach on the piano.
    The Scriabin is good too,although on a rendering note ,you can hear the compressor/limiter ozone thingy squashing the signal a bit too much on the climax.
    Very impressed with the playing ,you have a nice touch.

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    Re: GPO Piano Demo

    Beach - Thanks for the kind words. I've always liked that prelude - you've got to like a piece of music that goes from pp to fff in about a minute.

    Joaz - Likewise, thanks for the feedback and the kind words. You know, I'm guilty as charged on that limiter thing. Just me being lazy. I'm not normally a big fan of compression for piano music, but I was afraid of getting sued by somebody who went deaf because they turned up the volume to hear the start of the piece and then....WHAM.

    "Welcome to Rivendell, Mr. Anderson."

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    Re: GPO Piano Demo

    Quote Originally Posted by Easy_Rhino
    I'm not normally a big fan of compression for piano music, but I was afraid of getting sued by somebody who went deaf because they turned up the volume to hear the start of the piece and then....WHAM.
    yep,know what you mean.I think it is a useful tool,I am gradually learning to use it with a little discretion, after 20 odd years of squashing the bejasus out of evrything.

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    Re: GPO Piano Demo

    Easy Rhino:

    Great-sounding GPO piano. As Joaz says, many haven't been able to get the sound you got out of the GPO piano. Really enjoyed listening and was impressed with your reproduction of the piano.

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    I'm not a big Scriabin fan, but I do love Bach. And "Ich Ruf' zu Dir" is one of his best known chorale preludes. Though usually performed on organ, you did an excellent job of capturing all three staves with only two hands. Just out of curiosity, were you playing from an organ score, or a piano transcription? And your sight reading ain't bad either. Nice work.

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    Re: GPO Piano Demo

    I guess it was buried a bit in the filename, but this Busoni's arrangement of the Bach chorale for solo piano, so it was conveniently squished down to two staves for me. As for the sight reading, this is one of those pieces that moves slow enough for me to keep up...

    But seriously, thanks for all the nice comments. Makes me want to carve out more time to do this stuff on a regular basis.

    "Welcome to Rivendell, Mr. Anderson."

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