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Topic: Best computer system for full 160 !!

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    Best computer system for full 160 !!

    Hello everybody,
    I\'ve just bought the incredible GOS. But I have a little problem.
    I\'m working on a Dual PIII-1Ghz with 1Gb RAM and RAID-0 and SCSI 29160 HD. Everything under winXP Pro. I\'m using VST32 with Halion 1.1, but I\'m not able to get good performance playing GOS sounds, so I\'m gonna buy another system with Giga inside connected with ADAT to my workstation.
    Could anyone help me with the best configuration (hardware&software), for full 160 polyphony in GOS? What motherboard, RAM, proccessor and soundcard (I think hammerfall 9636 is a good one) should I buy for no problems?
    And one more thing, I\'m using a midisport 4x4 for control my external devices, but I don´t have free midi outputs to connect it to the other computer with GOS. What could be the best option for connecting both computers with midi?
    Thank you very much.

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    Re: Best computer system for full 160 !!

    I\'m using an Athlon 1 gig with a WD 7200 drive for my gigs..witht he same computer as Cubase on 98 (not even SE) and I get about 140 poly max without hiccups.

    why not wait and see how Giga XP version works for you.

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    Re: Best computer system for full 160 !!

    Giga XP? is it available or does it have an availability date?
    Do you know if a Ultra-160 scsi HD has more possibilities to play 160 notes than a 7200 ATA100 IDE drive?

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    Re: Best computer system for full 160 !!

    XP is in beta at the moment.

    Tascam are hopeful of a release late this month (Nov) - but there\'s no point in releasing it until it\'s stable.

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    Re: Best computer system for full 160 !!

    Where is the info about the release of Giga winXP compatible version?
    But even if they release a winXP version. Will be better performance one computer for giga and one for cubase and recording don´t you?
    WinXP has a great great stability. I\'m very happy with it!
    I\'m thinking about using an Athlon 1200 with 512 MB DDR RAM and 40 GB IBM 7.200 GXP HD with Hammerfall 9636 and Midiman 4x4 for connecting it to a midex8 in the main dual computer. I hope that it works with enough performance (should be better installing winxp on giga puter )

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    Re: Best computer system for full 160 !!

    Running Giga on one computer is better.The system you are thinking of building should be fine. I do believe SCSI drives will have a better chance at running 160 jsut because access time and RPM speeed is so fast on SCSI. Those are the main issues regarding Poly count and Drive Performance.

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    Re: Best computer system for full 160 !!

    I\'m wondering what soundchaser want to say with their Giga systems:
    \"Available in custom multi-CPU configurations for up to 1280 voices of polyphony controlled by a single keyboard, mouse and monitor. The NCStudio is ideal for composers, video houses, or recording studios. \"

    1280 voicess???????? how???? in just one machine??? is it possible to build a system that gives more than 160 voices?
    Kingidiot: Do you think that is there a lot of differences between SCSI and new IBM 7.200rpm ATA100 HD?

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    Re: Best computer system for full 160 !!

    I would think so about SCSI. The access times on SCSI are WAY faster than the faster UTA100 drives I\'ve seen. While the 2 WD 7200s I have in my Giga machine work great. I dont get 160 on this machine without hiccups. I think its drive related

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Best computer system for full 160 !!

    I run 3 ata100 7200 seagate drives in my machine..
    2 of em are through a raid card(PCI)... So 2 drives play happliy along easily at, give or take 160 poly.
    Cheep setup too.. Pushin 100 gig\'s internal..

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