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Topic: Halion 3 3rd party content?

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    Halion 3 3rd party content?

    OK, this seems a rather pedestrian question, but I am contemplating upgrading my old Halion 1.1 seat to the latest shiny 3.1 now that the performance issues are seemingly ironed out.

    I've done multiple searches to find the included 3rd party content, but to no avail. The Steinberg/Wizoo content is well defined, but what about the 3rd party content (a.k.a. Scarbee, VSL, etc.).

    I am very happy with GS3.1 but one can never have too many samplers

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    Re: Halion 3 3rd party content?

    Hi Bennett,
    There used to be a list of content available on Steinbergs website (I think it came together with the downloadable manual) but I don't know if it's still there. Sorry I don't have a link.

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    Re: Halion 3 3rd party content?

    This is the content on HALION 3 (scroll down for 3rd party stuff):

    Wizoo Magnetic Instruments:
    Electric Pianos
    Clean Guitar

    Wizoo Electronic Toolkit:
    Electronic Drums
    Synth Basses
    Analog Chords
    Digital Decays
    Analog Leads
    Massive String Pad
    Oscillator Toolbox

    eLAB DrumTools

    eLAB LoopTools

    eLAB MusicLoops

    eLAB SoundTools Samples

    eLAB SoundTools Vox

    Wizoo 6 String Bass
    Wizoo Acoustic Piano
    Wizoo Drums / Percussion
    Wizoo Nylon Guitar

    HALION 3 Factory Sets:

    1. Drums / Perc / Bass
    2. Piano / Keys
    3. Pad / Synth / Lead / OSC
    4. Strings / Brass / Choir / Guitar / Perc


    eLAB Loops & Samples:
    1. XStatic Goldmine vol 1-5
    2. XTCFiles of House
    3. XTCFiles of Techno
    4. XTCFiles of Jungle
    5. XTCFiles of HipHip
    6. Xtortion
    7. Vinylistics vol 1-3
    8. Strictly 12 inch
    9. Strictly RNB
    10. Strictly House
    11. Strictly HipHop
    12. Abstract HipHip

    Garritan Orchestral Strings:
    Basses Arco
    Cellos Arco
    Violas Arco
    Violins Arco

    Scarbee Imperial Drums:
    Bass Drum Close Plastic
    STD Crash 14
    STD HH 13
    STD Snare A

    Scarbee RSP73 Demo (Elec Piano)

    VSL Demo:
    Musical Glasses

    Zero X Beat Quantizer 15-day Demo

    The only thing from the 3rd party content above is the VSL Harp / Vibes and Xylophone. The other stuff is pretty useless on its own. Hope this is of some help!

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    Re: Halion 3 3rd party content?

    Thanks for all the help folks! This helps greatly. I certainly don't want to base my upgrade on content alone, but good content does help.


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