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Topic: U[grading 24/96 Sound Card - suggestions?

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    Upgrading 24/96 Sound Card - suggestions?

    Hi gang - me again - I'm so excited about the coming GPO I'm thinking about trying to get a better sound.

    I've really been trying to read all the threads and reviews and getting a bit bug eyed. Was going to really upgrade my card (Audiophile 24.96) and Audiobuddy but just don't have the bucks to do what would really be a good jump - but...if I could just upgrade to a card with better preamps than the Audiobuddy then I might make a boost in the sound. I can go around $400 which puts me in the:

    Presonus Firefox
    M-Audiophile 192 (would it be much of a better sound - balanced lines and all?)
    E-Mu 1820

    I welcome any input - want to start a new project when GPO gets in.


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    Re: U[grading 24/96 Sound Card - suggestions?

    I've been just reading some fabulous reviews of the Presonus Firepod, and of the company in general. I don't think you could go wrong with the Firebox, though I haven't seen as many reviews of it. It looks like the same hardware, but fewer inputs. Sound on Sound did review it, and gave it a thumbs up.
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    Re: U[grading 24/96 Sound Card - suggestions?

    if you're going to opt for any of the Emu cards get one with the "m" suffix the AD/DA converters are much better.


    mick ó c

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