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Topic: Linplug Rules!!!!!!!

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    Linplug Rules!!!!!!!

    I just bought Cronox 3 from Linplug (I also own Albino2) and I gotta say this is one fantastic synth! This thing sounds amazing and is so intuitive. The presets are beautiful and it's really easy to load a wave file in and then beat the living heck out of it (in a good way!) I wish I had purchased this sooner as I could have saved a bunch of money on other VST's that don't live up to this instrument.

    I also have to mention that Peter at Linplug is a great guy. Very prompt on his responses to my questions and just an all 'round nice guy.

    Check it out at linplug.com

    All the very best,


    PS I don't have any affiliation with Linplug, I just love their proiducts.

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    Re: Linplug Rules!!!!!!!

    I don't own Cronox, but I do own Albino 2 and must agree; this is definitely one fat beast and rivals my Access Virus (hardware)... so for the $, you can't go wrong with this. I view Albino 2 and Spectrasonics Atmosphere to be a great compliment and with those two VSTs... you'll be struggling to find a better combination for the money.

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    Re: Linplug Rules!!!!!!!

    If you work with samples, two synths are really essential: CronoX 3 and Cameleon 5000. Both very different, but boy can they sound like nothing else on earth

    Albino's a monster as well.

    Kind regards.

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    Re: Linplug Rules!!!!!!!

    I too did buy ChronoX 3 and I think it rocks.
    The linplug sound is usually very usable and blends great with other sounds, also orchestral ones.


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    Re: Linplug Rules!!!!!!!

    I have Crono X3 too and it does rock.

    I have a surround speaker stup and it is really cool to put it in surround mode and assign various elements to different speakers.

    The bright orange GUI is a little hard on the eyes, with the green trim it reminds me of a pumpkin : )

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