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Topic: Motherboard with kt266a chipset?

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    Motherboard with kt266a chipset?

    I am about to buy a PC for the sole purpose of running Gigastudio 96. I would like to have a motherboard which can run the AMD Athlon T-Bird 1.4GHz, and handle the AMD Athlons of \"tomorrow\".

    I am currently looking into the Asus A7V266-E motherboard, which contains the VIA KT266A chipset. Anyone who can recommend this motherboard, or other ones with that particular chipset?

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    Re: Motherboard with kt266a chipset?

    Shuttle AK31A. According to benchmarks, it\'s better than the Asus. And, it\'s about $40 cheaper. Does the Asus have 4 DDR Slots? I know the Shuttle does, I keep them in stock here. (When I can. )

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    Re: Motherboard with kt266a chipset?

    Also, AMD has discontinued the 1.4GHZ Tbird. The XP 1600+ is about the same price, and will give you better performance. In fact, (again, according to Benchmarks,) the XP 1600+ will keep pace with a P4 1800, and will be about $200 cheaper.

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