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Topic: Ever maxed out MIDI throughput?

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    Ever maxed out MIDI throughput?

    Here\'s a question I\'ve been asking myself for a while now. With wonderful sampling libraries like GOS where you really want (and for the first time CAN) control expression in a very smooth and realistic way, is MIDI going to be a limitation soon? I draw my expression curves in a rather high solution in Cubase and the manual talks about being conservative with respect to the usage of MIDI throughput.
    How many of those who read this feel that the max bandwidth of MIDI is a limiting factor?

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    Re: Ever maxed out MIDI throughput?

    For me, it\'s a very big problem. I can easily saturate a single midi port with controller and pitch bend data, especially if I\'m using all 16 channels. That\'s why I have GS on the same machine as my sequencer right now -- there\'s no midi bottleneck. I really would like to offload GS onto another machine, but the 3.125KB/s midi transfer limit precludes that.

    I am working on a solution though. 100 base-T network cards can do 10MB/s, so transmitting a midi stream over that would work well. MIDI-Via-Net is a step in the right direction, but it\'s not a driver, and it uses only a single port, so I\'m developing a multi-port midi-over-tcp/ip driver. I hope to have an alpha version working soon. Until then, it\'s GS and my sequencer on a single machine.

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    Re: Ever maxed out MIDI throughput?

    Killerbobjr - you do realise that a lot of people on this forum would be EXTREMELY interested in a multi midi port dual pc connection via network! ... especially with solid timing.

    I don\'t understand why it hasn\'t been done yet.

    BTW you\'re probably aware of this, but there\'s an interesting one-man windows OS midi/audio timing investigation (including midivianet) here:

    He\'s pretty eccentric, but he\'s gone to a lot of trouble too...

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