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Topic: Cubase terror help required

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    Unhappy Cubase terror help required cant any body help

    hi guys

    i work on cubase sx 3.0.2 with lot of vst instruments . Sudenly after some times it gives me an error saying

    plz save it in diffrent name, cubase.log error but dosent allow to save the file. and again after starting cubase again and loading the project the files somewhat gets corrupt like deletes all the vst instruments.

    i keep copying the whole data on the new project every time and keep loading vsts every time .

    than again i have to load everything and times even it is difficult to remember the patch

    is there any way to face this problem or at least can i save the vst instrument performance list some where so that i case it crashes i have to just load that performance and i have all the vst loaded .

    because this happens very frequent

    guys this has become my night mares working hard with the projects
    and suddenly u come to know that its corrupt
    u understand how it is .
    you are screwed.

    vst plugins i use

    symphonic orchestra silver edition
    Stylus rmx
    Motu mach 5

    DAW - amd,2 gb ram, 200 gb hard disk


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    Re: Cubase terror help required

    This sounds to me like you're experiencing a rather shocking Cubase bug which Steinberg have not committed to properly fixing at all. What's happening is you are loading more than 1.4gb of samples into RAM and once Cubase reaches this point your project will corrupt when you save it (apparently Cubase 3.1 will error trap this but it wont fix Cubase's inability to properly use all the free RAM in a machine). your Best bet is to use the fix detailed below or alternatively use Cubase SX 1.06 which I believe doesn't have the 1.4gb bug.

    There are various work arounds, but the best way is to fix this by setting Windows XP up to use the /3gb switch and also to turn your windows page file off. This way Cubase will have access to as much RAM as you have free and your project will NEVER corrupt. Cubase, however, may still crash (albeit rather gracefully not a poof or anything) should you run out of physical RAM but if you keep an eye on your free memory (perhaps use a freeware utility that puts itself in the taskbar or something) then you should be fine and your projects won't corrupt which is the most important thing.

    Best suggestion I could give would be to read through the posts on cubase.net (do a search for /3gb) to find out how to use the /3gb switch for Windows XP, although ignore some of the misinformation about the switch not working with SP1 (it does) or the apparent risks involved with using it (I think one edition of an old ATI driver caused issues). I definitely recommend turning the page file off with 2gb of RAM, as this will prevent the risk of your samples accidentally being loaded from the hard drive once you overload your physical RAM.

    Hope this helps.

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