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Topic: Bob Moog - In Memorium

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    Bob Moog - In Memorium

    Wow...Bob Moog is gone. :-(


    What a legacy. His life was a blessing and a gift to all of us....one of the last of the truly American Electronic Music makers still in business and a major loss.

    Bob was an amazing guy and a huge inspiration not only to musicians, but he was an inspiration in the way he did business, treated his employees and kept his independent entreprenuer spirit even through difficult times.

    People will be using his instruments for generations into the future. That's an incredible accomplishment in an industry of constant change and renewal.

    A special person who will be greatly missed. Bob's my hero.


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    Unhappy Re: Bob Moog - In Memorium

    I was a student of Bob's at UNC-Asheville, and later worked for him during the resurgence of Big Briar (which later became Moog Music once again - something we encouraged him to do, and I was glad to see he finally did it after I had moved on). I am proud and honored to have had a chance to know him and his family. I was there when he went through divorce, and purely by accident - I was the one that introduced him to his second wife, Ileana - a woman with a great mind and great heart, in her own right. There's not much else I can say right now, except that it is now incumbent upon all of us to honor him by making good music and living good lives.
    Houston Haynes - Titan Line Music

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    Re: Bob Moog - In Memorium

    Yes, I just found out about it last night. Very sad news. Rest in peace, Bob.

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    Red face Re: Bob Moog - In Memorium

    Quote Originally Posted by Houston Haynes
    it is now incumbent upon all of us to honor him by making good music and living good lives.
    That's a good thought!

    Here are some links of interest:

    A tribute to Moog from EM Editor-in-Chief Steve Oppenheimer ( emusician.com/index.html)

    About Bob Moog from Moog Music ( www.moogmusic.com/?cat_id=82).

    The Moog Archives ( www.moogarchives.com).

    Fresh Air interview with Bob Moog ( http://www.npr.org/templates/story/s...toryId=1139163).

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