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Topic: K2 and virtual Grand Piano

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    K2 and virtual Grand Piano

    Here is my system

    Mac 2 ghz
    2.5 gig ram
    motu 828

    I just purchased virtual Grand Piano and it comes in a Kontakt player format

    I can play the piano with the provided player but when i load it into K2
    I get pops and clicks and no matter how I set up the buffers and number of voices nothing helps.

    with this same mac I can play all of the supplied instruments with K2 without a problem

    I can play ivory without a problem

    I can use altiverb without a problem

    Why am I getting pops and clicks when loading VGP into K2.

    anyone else have this problem???

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    Re: K2 and virtual Grand Piano

    I believe it has to do with how K2 interprets the built in filters in VGP. Some presets are not opened correctly within K2 and this can cause the issues that you're having.

    Until the fine folks at NI resolve the issue, I would recommend that you stick with the included Kontakt Player to play VGP.
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