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Topic: Pat-A-Pan

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    Post Pat-A-Pan

    I know, I know, I'm pathetic. I was so excited to hear that there is going to be a Christmas CD that I have been working on this non-stop for about a week now. If you can stand listening to a Christmas tune when it's 100 degrees out, then I am happy to receive your comments. If you would rather wait, I completely understand.

    Here's the link:

    Let me know if you have any problems accessing it.


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    Re: Pat-A-Pan

    This is too CUTE for words. I simply loved it. It sounds great.

    Kind Regards


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    Re: Pat-A-Pan

    Thank you! It came together very quickly. I really like the trumpet solo. It sounds very realistic thanks to GPO. Thank you for listening.


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    Re: Pat-A-Pan

    Hi Drumroll,

    I love your tune although it doesn't sound christmassy to me at all. Closing my eyes and listening to your music I see babyanimals, butterflies, bees etc fussing around on a place in the middle of a forest, where sunbeams find their way through the green roof of the firs.

    Are the violins playing the theme from 0:24 to 0:43 also GPO? They sound a little bit artificial to me. I think you have to edit the EXP a little to avoid a "machine gun effect". The same is with the Timpanies at 1:18 to 1:20 and following, which sound a little too hard to me. Try to humanize the staccato basoon's part at 1:43 to 1:54 followed by the staccato horn's part, they sound as well a little "machine gun" like.

    As music is a very impressive subject, hard to discuss about, I only told you my very personal opinion about my impressions, so don't blame on me.

    Greetings from Vienna, the city of music

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    Re: Pat-A-Pan

    Hi - Thanks for responding. Everything is GPO on this one. I did quantize the bassoon because I can't keep time to save my neck, so I will work on humanizing it the piece. As for the Christmas sound - weren't the bells and sleighbells a dead give away? I'll see what I can do to add a more Christmas flavor.

    Again, thanks for the listen.


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    Thumbs up Re: Pat-A-Pan

    sounds great too me!!
    Very very well done!
    I don't know if you are writing this for christmas, but I think that good music, is good for every period of the year.
    Great orchestration. I enjoy particularly the woodwinds. They sound very fine in this piece!!
    Also the melody has something to do with forest and something related, as vs said, but it remains very nice!!

    I hope to hear this piece on christmass CD.
    Best of luck,

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    Re: Pat-A-Pan

    Thank you for your kind remarks!

    Yes, I would like to submit for the Christmas CD. I thought that I could post it here for some comments for improvements before I submit the final for the CD.

    I did not make up the melody for Pat-A-Pan as it is an old French traditional carol, but I did take some liberties in devolping it (hopefully not too far from it's original theme). I always enjoyed singing it in my choral groups in school and thought it would be fun to orchestrate it.

    I tried to create a winds overlay patch to blend and I think it worked OK. I need to balance it a little better because I noticed the oboe stills sounds a bit too bright in the blend on computer speakers verses studio monitors.

    Thank you again for your nice comments,

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    Re: Pat-A-Pan

    I really enjoyed this. As to whether it sounds Christmasy, I felt there were several parts that evoked feelings of Christmas.
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    Re: Pat-A-Pan

    Hey Drumroll!

    I really liked it very much, good work! My favorite part was the melody after the sleighbells came in towards the end. I can't give the exact time since my quicktime player for net music doesn't tell me how much time has gone by in a song. Very joyful! The only thing that really stood out was the stiff feeling of a lot of the instruments, but I guess you have already addressed that in a previous reply. Keep 'em coming and take care!

    Captain Hook (if you see Pan let me know!)

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    Re: Pat-A-Pan

    Quote Originally Posted by capt_hook
    The only thing that really stood out was the stiff feeling of a lot of the instruments,
    You know...maybe I'll keep that stiff feeling! It reminds me of the demented looking animatronics in the department store windows, sitting there with fake happy grins, snidely rolling their eyes back and forth in their heads and moving with short jerks because their shorted out.
    HA-HA-HA Just kidding!

    I'm reading up in my trusty DP manual on some tricks that DPDAN hipped me too regarding crossfades, reverb, humanizing, etc. I'm still a newbie at this so I have a lot to learn.

    Thanks for your kind remarks.

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