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Topic: Composition study material

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    Composition study material

    I tried getting into some of the nearby universities in Florida, but unfortunately, *door-slam sound* all of em' rejected me... (poor grades/missing class prerequisites).

    So I figured in the meantime, I should study some material on my own, but I'm not sure what to pick up. What books are considered the standard in orchestration, harmony, counterpoint, composition, ect.?

    Thanks in advance.

    - Aaron

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    Re: Composition study material

    Quote Originally Posted by A_Sapp
    What books are considered the standard in orchestration, harmony, counterpoint, composition, ect.?
    adler, rimsky-korsakov, salzer and shoenberg

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    Re: Composition study material

    I would just study the scores themselves. Take some of the scores that you may be interested in and do a mock-up. That way you will dissect the scores as you sequence it and have a better understanding of the composition techniques.

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    Re: Composition study material

    And of course, creating a mock up will also enhance your sequencing skills. The more the better!

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    Re: Composition study material

    You could contact the Berklee Book store:


    And ask about purchasing some of the textbooks on Harmony, counterpoint and suhc.

    I think Berklee also offers some online courses which you might consider taking, probably better than nothing.

    Just for the record, this is a classic case of our society being poorly equipped to recognize true talent and having irrelevant standards to select potential. I am reminded of Enstein's poor grades and overall lackluster educational records. I think you are one of the most talented and imaginative composers around here and it's an incredible shame that because of your poor grades and missing prereqs you are being denied the education that you deserve (and that you're really interested in).
    Music Composition for Feature Films, Television and Interactive Entertainment

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    Re: Composition study material

    Woah, Thats unreal. They have heard your compositions and seen your portfolio? The system really doesn't work no matter where you are. I mean I just listened to some of your stuff for the first time . . . thinking. . if he can't get in , where does that leave the rest of us .

    I have a friend whos an incredible drummer , especially for his age, he wanted to do a music course but couldn't with drums as his instrument. Colleges over here don't treat them as an instrument.

    Best of luck in the future mate.
    Johnny - FXpansion Audio

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    Re: Composition study material

    Thanks for your kind words Kays. I contacted the composition department at FSU, and their response was akin to, "we're looking for more 'academic' composers." Not sure what they mean by that, but, okay.

    Alright, I'll look up the suggested material. Thanks fellas!

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    Re: Composition study material

    Well, look. They want people who can handle the academic load, and get good grades and move on to grad school ladedah. And there are people in the wings who are waiting who have it. You may be good (although this is NMB so I won't listen to your stuff) but none of that matters. You need to be an A type player to make it there. Its no good that you might get A's in composition and F's in everything else...There are only so many slots...

    Bezerklee is ok...but REALLY, you should probably consider GOING there. Its a jungle HS there but you will get something out of it. Also, Boston will allow you to take some other courses at better schools. Boston is a cool town for education. They have rolling admissions, and just want your money, so you will get in...some good peopleteach there...and some schlock...up to you though

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    Re: Composition study material

    Academic = More easily molded to their way of thinking and following the rules. At least this is my experience.Take from it what you will.
    Johnny - FXpansion Audio

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    Re: Composition study material

    I agree with Johnny, "more academic" probably refers to someone who's willing to play their game and is interested in getting a Master's degree or better, and go into teaching. Not to downplay the value of education, but I would guess you can probably get all the info you need through books, and possibly online courses? (The orchestration books mentioned above are all great books, and cover the subject from many different angles)

    I finished college before diving into a rewarding music career 30 years ago, and although I was more mature when I got out of school and hit the road, I often wonder what would have happened if I'd had a four-year jump on my career by skipping college-

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