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Topic: Auralia Ear Training Software

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    Auralia Ear Training Software

    I've got three questions about Auralia:

    1) Is it any good?

    2) Is the license transferable? (Hey, it's not a sample lib.)

    3) If (2) is "yes", anybody have a used copy to sell?

    My daughter has been taking vocal lessons, but to get to the next level, she needs to be able to sight read to voice.


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    Re: Auralia Ear Training Software

    Hello Jon,

    I was using Auralia for one year at school. Its very good for learning scales, delicate tuning and intervals. It also gets you started with various rythm times and many other basic topics which on the way get exponentially harder.

    On the more advanced levels you learn cadences and progressions which personally, i couldn't understand very well. I'm still not sure if it was Auralias fault or mine though

    Not sure how the transfer licence works Jon.
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