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Topic: Storage for GS

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    Storage for GS

    I recently read in an article (http://www.tech-report.com/onearticle.x/3035) that the IBM GX75 drives are very faulty. I don\'t know how many members here use these IBM hard discs, but IBM is being sued over the fault rate of these discs.
    I also read an article about new drives from Maxtor supporting ATA133 with a capacity of 160GB. Great!, is what I thought, until I checked them out and they appear to have a rotational speed of 5400 RPM and an avarge seek time of 9.5 msec. The new WD drive with a buffer of 8MB is a little faster, but not as fast as the IBM drives, yet these drives appear to produce a lot of problems.
    So, who can recommend a good, fast, BIG harddisc?


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    Re: Storage for GS

    Two years ago, I bought an 18G IBM U2W SCSI drive for about $400. At around 10ms average seek time, it was the fastest 7200 drive available then. I could easily run Gigastudio at a full 160 voices along with a sequencer at the same time on an 866MHz Pentium III.

    I\'ve been doing a bunch of testing on one of my machines, an 800MHz PIII, comparing some of the latest 7200 RPM IDE drives to the SCSI drives I have here. The 60G Seagate Barracuda ATA IV averages 10ms seeks, is whisper quiet, and handles the full 160 voice limit. The 60G IBM 60GXP benchmarks at an incredible 8.3ms (!!!), a perfomance that puts my 18G IBM SCSI to shame. The only drive that I have right now that beats those two is a 73G Seagate Cheetah 73LP 10K U160 SCSI drive which clocks in at a breathtaking 4.7ms seek time.

    The Seagate 73LP costs $750 street. Both the Seagate Barracuda ATA IV and IBM 60GXP can be had for under $150 for the 60G models. SCSI still has the slight edge for use in DAW\'s, but I think that advantage will be gone within the next couple of years. In the end, these latest IDE drives provide the best bang for the buck for a dedicated GS machine.

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    Re: Storage for GS

    I have three harddrives for GIGs. A Maxtor Diamondmax+ 40gb, an IBM 75GXP 40gb - never had any problems with them. A few days ago I added a Seagate Barracuda IV, also in a hope to get the noiselevel down a bit. This drive seems to perform great like the two other drives. In new tests the WD is the winner concerning speed, but I have sort of bad experiences with the WD drives so I went for a Seagate this time. In my other PC I have a 60GXP 40gb - never gave me any trouble either and works fast enough for me, 64 tracks of audio in Cubase with a bunch of plugins without any hickups.

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    Re: Storage for GS

    Interesting to read about the fault rate of the ibm drives... this will explain why I can\'t get mine working!

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    Re: Storage for GS

    I have 2 x 40G and 2 x 75G IBM drives in my GigaStudios and another 75G in an external firewire enclosure and I haven\'t had any problems so far. I have been using them pretty intensively for about nine months now. So not all is rotten in the state of IBM.

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    Re: Storage for GS

    It was mainly the IBM 45gig drives with the high fail rate. I have 2 IBM 60 gig running fine. You may want to wait for the model from IBM due out soon that should be worth the wait.

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    Re: Storage for GS

    Can someone help with the IBM 75gxp?
    I bought this a while back froma mail order company and have assumed it does not work (with Windows ME). However, since the mail order company supplied absolutely no help what-so-ever reference installation and jumper settings, I\'ve had to experiment.
    What jumper settings are people using out there to get this to work?
    Any help appreciated since I don\'t have a second pc to test the working of the drive out on (it is a new pc by the way)

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    Re: Storage for GS

    Jumper settings are normally listed on the drive itself. If not, try IBM\'s website: http://www.ibm.com

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    Re: Storage for GS

    I run 3 seagate 7200 ide drives in my 2 separate systems. 1 giga and 1 logic ..Each system has 1 for the C:/ drive and the another 2 are part of a raid array..
    Absolutley no compromise, I love it..
    Both systems I run 2408\'s and the buffer settings are at the lowest they can go..
    Ide and raid stuff are soooo cheep.
    I\'m considering the Median external raid drives.. It\'s a 1 rack mountable system with 4 drives in it. Up to 180 gig can fit..
    No noise, no heat probs.. and It can plug into what I have.. Format and go..

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