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Topic: suggestion needed for an "EP" title...

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    suggestion needed for an "EP" title...

    i'm about to finish a music EP cd with 5 (or 6) pieces (25-30 minutes total) in which i recorded some classical pieces with my flute and, of course, some GPO sounds (well, there is a guitar and a sitar also!!). the pieces are very simple, since i'm not at all a master in flute playing. nevertheless, i enjoyed making the music and this was an occasion to remove some dust from my flute, which i wasn't playing since a long long time (i took lessons for 2 years about 15-20 years ago!! - can't even remember when!!)
    so, even if the EP is still not complete (i have to find a weekend in which make a recording session to record at the best all the flute parts), i am looking for a title.... and i don't have any idea yet! :-)
    any suggestion or brainstorming would be appreciated!

    (of course you will be able to listen to the songs after all will be finished!)

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    Question Re: suggestion needed for an "EP" title...

    Maybe a snippet of a couple of your pieces would evoke more thought for suggestions on titles? For now, with not hearing, I would title "Transparencies". ?hmm,?

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    Re: suggestion needed for an "EP" title...

    since for now it lacks the lead part, it would be of no interest to post them...
    but the pieces are:

    Bach, air on the fourth string
    Vivaldi, the winter (only one of 4 the movements)
    Ravel: Bolero (a short version, it's not 16 minutes long!!)
    Dvorak: four romantic pieces, the first movement
    Pachelbel: kanon in D dur

    plus a "sonata for flute and piano" found on internet and composed by a young author.

    all this piece rearranged and played with the flute, with the accompanment of guitar, piano, sitar, strings, etc... (depending on the piece itself...)

    the winter, air on 4 string and the kanon was previoulsy posted on this forum, but they undertook a general "liftin" and (i hope) now are much better! :-)

    thanks anyway!

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    Re: suggestion needed for an "EP" title...

    Probably too whimsical but...

    "Romance is in the Winter Air" came to mind.

    Best wishes


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    Re: suggestion needed for an "EP" title...

    Flute-eous Maximus...


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    Re: suggestion needed for an "EP" title...

    thanks for the kind suggestions!
    flutopia is nice!
    nowadays i got a nice idea: "Icaurs" could be a good title...
    icarus was the greek mythology hero who build a pair of wax wings, flew too near to the sun and then felt down... i think that, considering my flute skill, "icarus" can be a good metaphor... i tried to record something beyond my skills... :-)

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