i just tried my first kontakt 2 script for the use of GPO patches in kontakt2: GPO Kontrol.nkp

nothing special, just an interface like the one of GPO for having in sight the controllers that are used in the GPO patches.
you should be able to change the CC both with this interface or with the usual CC message from the sequencer or the external midi keyboard.

unfortunately, as i suppose you know, there are some bugs in K2 with GPO patches, basically the portamento. which i feel is not working so good and the keyswitch release triggers for the percussion patches..

for the release trigger, i managed in this way (see the Timpani KS kontakt.nki):

i deleted the "group start options" from all the groups that should always start
the only "group start option" (with "if key is between D0 and D0") left is the one set with the release trigger.
now, just "create an empy group", and set this one, with no zone and samples, and set "group start option" to "if key is between C0 and C0"
the trick should work and you will be able to use the release trigger samples again in the correct way.

(i hope i was clear! :-) )

Please send comments, bugs and improvement suggestion!
you will find info about the creator in the script!