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Topic: Alternative input devices

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    Alternative input devices

    Has anyone here use, or have considered using, something other than a mouse in Sonar for manipulating notes, drawing controllers, etc.? Maybe a graphics tablet?

    I use Sonar exclusively for any MIDI sequencing and I spend a lot of time tweaking CC data. Sometimes I'll record from a MIDI keyboard, other times I'll "point 'n click" the notes in. But it seems there's got to be a better way to adjust note times, durations, pitches in the Piano Roll view than just using a mouse. It seems slow and awkward for me and I'm sure it's going to contribute to a repetivite stress injury. If I could only literally draw the notes and CC data directly on the screen (like a light pen)... A graphics tablet seems like the next best thing. Any suggestions?

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    Re: Alternative input devices

    I've been using a pen and tablet for years. I like the Wacom 4x5. It has all the resolution you need. I also have a 6x8, but I find that it requires a bit too much arm motion for most tasks. Unless you're doing fine art on the computer, get the 4x5 Wacom for about $90.


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    Re: Alternative input devices


    I find Wacom's Graphire3 4X5 USB Tablet, pen and mouse here in Canada for about the price you mentioned. Could you please elaborate how you are using this? Yours is also USB? The Piano Roll window, with the bottom part for drawing controls, shows up on the tablet and you use the pen to draw, or the pen simply replaces my mouse and drawing on the tablet I'll see the results on my monitor?
    Sorry, but I never used one, and I am getting cramps trying to draw exactly with my mouse now, so, your suggestion would be excellent for me.
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