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Topic: Worra's new banner

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    Worra's new banner

    Hey Worra, I got a laugh out of your new banner ("We are simply no good in making commersial banners"). Glad to see you can poke fun at yourself

    The deliberate misspelling of "commercial" works really well.

    However, I think your old banners were very pretty to watch -- they simply weren't very efficient CPU-wise client-side.

    Kind regards.

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    Re: Worra's new banner

    He, he... glad you like it!
    The banner tells the truth! I became so tired of trying to make professional looking banners so I just said, " oh what the f......", let's just make a banner that tells it the way it is: We make great sampled instruments, writes and speaks English like the Swedish dog I am and, let's face it, stink when it comes to marketing...
    I mean, why try to be something that I aint.....

    Arf, arf, arf...

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    Re: Worra's new banner

    Hehehe, Nice one!
    Theo Krueger - Composer


    Kontakt 2 Scripts

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