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Topic: Lullaby for Cello and Piano

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    Lullaby for Cello and Piano

    Well, I'm back off to college next Saturday, so here's my final piece of the summer. I guess that makes three pieces . . . this, the Round Table, and a three movement string quartet that is so horrible I'm not going to post it At least not after some major work . . . anyway . . .

    This is just a little lullaby I wrote to help get myself to sleep! I've been listening to Yo-Yo play those Bach Cello Suites, which are beautiful, and they made me want to write something for the cello. If I had thousands of dollars to spend on a string instrument, I think I'd buy a cello. However, I don't think I succeeded in making this lullaby sound as real as Yo-Yo's Bach's Suites, but it still helps me get to sleep.

    As usual, two different file types of different size:
    192 kbps MP3 (7.2 MB): http://wizardwalk.com/music/Lullaby_..._and_Piano.mp3
    96 kbps WMA (3.7 MB): http://wizardwalk.com/music/Lullaby_..._and_Piano.wma

    Sweet dreams!
    Sean Patrick Hannifin
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    Re: Lullaby for Cello and Piano

    Beautiful!!!! I love the piano accompanament. Nicely done. Humming the theme as i type.
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    Re: Lullaby for Cello and Piano

    very nice Sean,

    You have a great gift for melody. I always enjoy your pieces. Loking forward to more posts.
    (The Nut )


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    Re: Lullaby for Cello and Piano

    Beautiful work sean. I really like it!!!
    The sound of the cello is simply wonderful!!!
    I am listening this piece just before to go to bed, and it is a perfect lullaby, I am sleeping. (just kidding)
    Congratulation Sean, great piece.

    Best to you,

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    Re: Lullaby for Cello and Piano

    Very enchanting piece. The cello part comes accross quite nice.
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    Re: Lullaby for Cello and Piano


    Very lovely!! What a gift for melody. It is nice to see one of the GPO celli used so prominently. Great piece! I love your use of the modwheel in creating realistic ebb and flow for the cello's phrasing. And that piano accompaniment - perfect!

    But I was listening to it and was wondering to myself: "What sounds a little off here?" and I think I discovered it.

    And this is more of a personal taste thing than anything!!!!

    With the exception of the last little bit when you re-introduce the main accompaniment and theme again, you don't allow the cello to "breathe" with any rests. That might sound strange to allow a string inst. to breathe - but those rests (even if very very small) help that ebb and flow of your melody be THAT much more potent and life-like. Even string players sometimes have a tendency to have a slight silence as their bow moves in a new direction and they are introducing new thematic material. You say Yo-Yo Ma and the Bach Cello Suites were your inspiration. I LOVE that particular recording. If you listen to the slower movements, you will find Yo-Yo Ma taking little "breaths" here and there to really help the melody be more effective.

    You have a treasure-trove of fantastic and well constructed melodic material here. As has been stated above, I too and humming the main theme while typing! The above is the only constructive criticism I could give. The musical content itself is FANTASTIC, and the overal production value is very high. I would just add little rests (and they can be even sixteenth rests!) every so often. Silence in music is just as important as the stuff you HEAR.

    Anyway - that is my own taste and opinion. This piece is so well done I even had a hard time deciding to mention the rests issue at all.

    Way to go, Sean! This is wonderful! Thanks for sharing this - I hope you DO share your String Quartet!!!

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    Re: Lullaby for Cello and Piano

    Hi Sean,

    Excellent work. Such a beautiful piece, my favorite parts are at about 1:28 and 3:04. Man, that cello sounds good!

    I agree with the others, you really do have a gift for melody. Your music is so memorable.


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    Re: Lullaby for Cello and Piano


    Real nice piece--very melodic.

    As you head back to school, remember this...

    A cello is a wooden euphonium...same range (well, I can't slide all the way up the A string) for the most part. I have played the Faure Elegie as written, as well at Schumann's Five Pieces in Folk Style as written (or did I write them down a step?).

    Melodic compositions by talented composers for euphonium always welcome (hint, hint, nudge, nudge, know what I mean, say no more, say no more???).

    Have a good year!

    Jim Williams
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    Re: Lullaby for Cello and Piano

    Thank you very much for listening and for all your kind comments!

    Jerry, that is a great suggestion! I will definitely give it a try. Sometimes it's the small things like that that can add a great deal of realism. As I said in my first post, I didn't think I succeeded in making it as real as Yo-Yo's recording, and this may be one of the reasons. Thanks for mentioning it!

    I will certainly play around with the euphonium when it comes out with GPOA. Although I might make the euphonium player pass out with very long sustained notes.
    Sean Patrick Hannifin
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    "serious music" ... as if the rest of us are just kidding

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    Re: Lullaby for Cello and Piano

    Nice and Sweet Melody!

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