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Topic: vxd drivers under win2k or XP

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    vxd drivers under win2k or XP

    I\'m working with a vortexchip soundcard and a terratec 1024. when I use vxd drivers Giga recognises the soundcard. But when i use wmd drivers it doesn\'t. I want to upgrade to win2k or XP but i\'ve seen only wdm drivers for win2k.
    Is it possible to use vxd (and via directX) gogastudio or do i have to by a new gsif soundcard. I do not have a lot of money to spend (yet)


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    Re: vxd drivers under win2k or XP

    First of all, Gigastudio doesnt run under Win2k or XP..... It will, eventually - at least under XP.

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    Re: vxd drivers under win2k or XP

    I know

    but I want to know what I can expect when gigastudio for winxp is there!


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