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Topic: GS 2.5 diagnostic help please....

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    GS 2.5 diagnostic help please....

    Hi Guys,

    I have primary DAW1 with RME Multiface cubase
    secondary DAW2 with GS 2.5

    I have lightpipe from GS DAW2 to DAW1.

    I recently upgraded my RME drivers (Why did I do that, right?)

    I am now not receiving any audio (midi is fine) into Cubase from GS 2.5 when I play a project.

    I have no way to monitor sound at the GS DAW2 source, but when I open a project in cubase and play the notes on the GS DAW2 piano, I get sound, but all instruments are distorted in GS. They all sound like a moog snth.

    Any thoughts?

    Edit add: In otherwords, when playing virtual keyboard in GS and all instruments sound the same and distorted, does this sound more like a GS problem or a sound card problem?


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    Re: GS 2.5 diagnostic help please....

    Since this started after updating the Sound Card driver, I'm guesing that's where the trouble is. Do all the sample rates, etc match up?

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    Re: GS 2.5 diagnostic help please....

    Bill -

    Thanks for your reply. Strange synthy sound on gs virtual keyboard was fixed by changing from 512 buffer on RME settings to another buffer size and then back again to 512 on RME card on the GS machine. Apparently whenever you upgrade RME soundcard drivers on RME 9652, you need to toggle the buffer settings on the sound card - at least with my setup.

    Sound not coming from GS into main daw was a loose midi cable not triggering the audio from Daw 1 to Daw 2. Thanks again for the reply.


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